Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method
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Sol Luckman

Author, Artist, Alchemist

About Me

A polymath and modern-day Renaissance man, Sol Luckman has produced a wide variety of groundbreaking books across various genres—from international bestselling wellness nonfiction (POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, CONSCIOUS HEALING) to multi-award-winning visionary fiction (CALI THE DESTROYER, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING). His extremely diverse works also include cutting-edge self-help (PLAYING IN THE MAGIC, THE WORLD CULT & YOU), artist memoir (MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND), and award-winning humor (THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY). This pioneering visual artist’s colorful and emotive paintings have appeared on both mainstream and his own book covers. Recently, Sol has also released two full-length music albums (POST-PUNK SHAMAN, LOST IN A SOUND BYTE) that lyrically develop numerous themes from his written work. By embodying the potential to be more than just “another brick in the wall” of today’s overcompartmentalized, niche-obsessed content creation landscape, Sol intends to lead by example—showing his readers and listeners that it’s possible to think and succeed beyond artificial limitations in pursuit of authentic expression, personal sovereignty, and genuine wholeness. Subscribe to his newsletter at

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